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Custard Apple Segments

Custard Apple Segments

10 mins
Easy peasy

A sweet tooth can safely indulge in this delicious fruit as the sugar content is accompanied by fibre and other nutrients.

icon ingredients


  • 1 large custard apple


  • stick of cinnamon
  • ginger syrup
  • glazed ginger cubes cut into slices
  • claret
  • sugar

icon method


Custard Apple:

  • Cut the custard apple into segments. Segment sizes vary.
  • With the tip of a spoon dip in near the skin at the base of a segment, lift out and arrange the segments attractively on the sauce.
  • Can be eaten easily with chop sticks, or with a spoon.


  • Boil a stick of cinnamon, ginger syrup with ginger cubes cut in slices, claret & sugar
  • Pour sauce hot or cold onto plate.
  • Garnish with a carved red plum rose, & fresh leaf.