Healthy Habits

Custard Apples can be part of your everyday diet

Creating Healthy Habits: Include Custard Apples in your diet

Healthy Habits with Custard Apples

Custard apples are nature’s sweet treat that can also provide a range of health benefits for you and your family.

Coming into the cooler months, keeping your immune system in good shape is extremely important. Custard apples are an excellent source of vitamin C, important for a healthy functioning immune system. One serve (150g) contains up to 64.5mg, which is more than the recommended daily target for Australian adults.

The cooler weather can also see the kilojoules creep in. With a low glycemic index (GI) of 54, custard apples can keep you fuller for longer making them a great choice for those who are weight conscious.

As a source of dietary fibre, custard apples can also help keep you regular. One serve of custard apples contains 3.75g of dietary fibre, which is 11% of the daily target for Australian adults.

For those with an active lifestyle custard apples contain potassium, important for normal fluid and electrolyte balance and magnesium, important for normal nerve and muscle function.